Fabric Stains


Fabrics treated with Soil-Guard fabric protector will usually exhibit a high degree of visual repellency. The liquid will appear as beads on the fabric. 

Due to various finishes applied to the fabric during the manufacturing process, some fabrics show poor visual repellency, the actual repellency, i.o.w stains not becoming permanent, should not vary.


  1. Use a dry white tissue or cloth to blot up all liquid, the cloth will absorb all liquid leaving the area dry and clean.
  2. If any residue remains after using the tissue or cloth, wet a clean white cloth with clean water to remove water based spills (juice, coffee) or Mineral Turpentine for cooking oils etc. 

Note : If the spill has already dried up, make it wet again with clean water and repeat step 1. For dried up food oils wet with Turpentine. 

Food spills: 

  1. By using a blunt object, like a spoon, remove as much food as possible.
  2. Use a damp cloth to blot away any residue. Don't rub or scrub.
  3. Should there be some marking, apply clean warm water to the spot and blot away. Dry the area with a clean dry cloth.
  4. With butter, mayonnaise etc. use a little Turpentine on the cloth.



  1. Blot with dry cloth first.
  2. Soak a cloth in cold water and blot away any residue.
  3. If not completely successful, mix a little ammonia with water, apply to cloth and blot affected area.


Coffee and tea: 

  1. Blot away with dry cloth.
  2. For any residue apply warm water to clean white cloth and blot again.
  3. Mix a little white vinegar with water, apply to cloth and blot area. 

Note: If spilled, coffee and tea too hot to drink may not bead up on the fabric. The stain should still be able to be removed as per the above. 

Red wine: 

  1. Blot away with dry cloth.
  2. Use cold water to remove any residue.
  3. If already dry before you attempt to remove the wine, re-wet the wine spill with cold clean water and blot away. If any residue remains make wet again and put salt on the spot. Let sit for a while and vacuum away. 


Vomit and Urine: 

  1. Remove as much vomit as possible with a spoon.
  2. Make a white cloth wet with cold water and blot away residue. Note: some of the liquid may have passed through the fabric and into the foam or fill. If an odour problem persists call a service agent.


Clay etc: 

  1. Let it dry first before attempting to remove it.
  2. Once dry remove as much as possible with a spoon and vacuum the balance. 



Identify whether the ink is water or solvent based, usually written on label.

  1. If water based, take a clean white cloth and make wet with warm water and blot the area.
  2. If solvent based (ball point pen) apply Turpentine to a clean white cloth and dab area.


Shoe polish:

  1. Apply Turpentine to clean white cloth and blot area.